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Health and Safety

Tielcey Park wishes to promote a safe environment for all horses, riders and spectators who visit our facility. To ensure this, please adhere to all safety signage on the property and read our Hazard register below. The register will will be updated as new hazards are identified so please check this page each time you intend to visit Tielcey Park.

Hazard Register
Area Hazards/potential risks
Carpark Moving Vehicles, weed spraying around carpark.
Arenas Mulitple horses using the facility at the same time, people Jumping their horses and rails ralling down, weed spraying around arenas
Cafe Hot cabinets, gas cooking and heating, horses standing around outdoor cafe area.
Stables/Yards Horses moving in and out of stables/Yards, broken boards on yards, weed spraying around stables and Yards
Farm Buildings Sharp edges, nails sticking out of wood
Grazing Land Animals grazing freely, electric fences, streams